FW Balkan Open, Day 2

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Paulo dos Reis (BRA-3333) continues to dominate the FW Balkan Open. 7 wins from 7 races, very consistent.

We had 20-30 knots on the race course once again today. Thrown in there were some big 30 degree windshifts just to mix things up some more.

For the second day of this final event in the mini series between James Briggs (GBR-91) and Nikolaos Kampouropoulos (GRE-2000), Briggs (GBR-91) extended his lead slightly. The biggest factor here was that Kampouropoulos (GRE-2000) attempted to hold onto an 11m rig in the high wind conditions, just too much.

Don’t let the sunshine deceive you or the fact that the wind is slightly offshore. There is a steady 25 knots blowing out there from straight after the skippers briefing.

Greece, Schinias, Pier, Boats

After the racing, dinner was served up at the beach bar and the essential relaxing and recovery process then began.

Greece, Schinias, Beach, Competitors, Relax

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