New Zealand Formula Nationals

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The ankle was a bit on the sore side after the epic hiking a few days back so out came the support tape before even considering hitting the water.

Foot, Ankle, Injury, Strapping, James Briggs, GBR-91,

Foot, Ankle, Injury, Strapping, James Briggs, GBR-91,

Ready for the event, I arrived at Point Chev pretty early compared to all else who seemed suitably relaxed about all that was happening over the weekend. Tim Wood had kindly arranged for some kit for me to use whilst the New Zealand Formula Nationals were taking place in Auckland.

I was kitted out with some free ride kit for the slalom series that would be running that weekend alongside the Formula Nationals. However, the conditions didn’t play ball with light breezes and an even lighter forecast for the weekend.

Having spent an enjoyable day free riding and watching the Formula Windsurfing competition taking place around me, I decided to continue exploring NZ rather than wait on the beach and hope that the breeze might fill in over the next two days for the slalom competition. It was a very welcoming and friendly club and it was a tough call to put the tourist hat back on.

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