Sail Extreme 2011

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Arrived at Kerteminde, Denmark on Friday for registration before the Sail Extreme 2011 event began the following day.

The small town was much busier than normal with nearly 2000 competitors and visitors here for the weekend. Entertainment spilled out onto the streets of the town.

Kerteminde, Denmark, People, Buildings

Kerteminde, Denmark, Cars, Road Sign, People, Buildings

One of the more extreme yachts competing at the weekend.

Kerteminde, Denmark, Trimaran, Yacht

My spot on the beach.

Kerteminde, Denmark, Beach, Point-7, Starboard, Formula, Formula Windsurfing, Windsurfing, James Briggs, GBR-91,

Some of the dinghy classes preparing to launch.

Optimists, Dinghies, Sail Extreme 2011

Dinghies, Sail Extreme 2011, Beach

Dinghies, Sail Extreme 2011, Beach

Dinghy, Trailers, Launching Trolleys, Sail Extreme 2011

Fishing Boats, Kerteminde, Denmark

There was an impressive array of prizes for all the different classes. These looked pretty great the way they were laid out.

Awards, Trophies, Sail Extreme 2011

Sail Extreme 2011, Formula, Windsurfing, Formula Windsurfing, Podium

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