YM Allegro Cup

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There were 50 competitors for the Allegro Cup Youth and Masters event where once again, the Hel Peninsula delivered some great conditions for racing.

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We managed 10 races in total for the event in wind conditions ranging from 8 up to 16 knots. The last day of the formula racing for the masters saw 5 back to back races, a busy day. Around this, also managed to get some extra training time out there on the water with Ulf Sjostedt (SWE-8) trying out a few last things before Denmark.

Poland, Formula, Windsurfing, Noticeboard

Poland, Formula, Windsurfing, Course

Poland, Formula, Windsurfing, Allegro

The last day of the event was to be for slalom only so I took the opportunity for an early departure and set off for the World Championships.

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