Italy to Denmark

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It turned into a bit of mission getting from Italy to Denmark.

Mountains, Austria, Mist, Clouds

Journey time was slightly increased by the fact that my Sat Nav device decided to take some very random detours to avoid traffic. The first was excellent and found me some cheap fuel, the next through the middle of Hamburg, not so good. Have reined in control of route choice following this experience.

Road, Church, Buildings, Lützen, Germany

Sunset, Driving, Germany

Whenever I stopped for a break in Germany, the police magically appeared attracted by the foreign number plates and wanted to know where I was from. Out came the road atlas and so helped to spread the word of Guernsey. All good to have a chat en route although did mean that the journey became even longer than necessary and I arrived pretty much unrested in Denmark.

At one of these stops, spotted some wind turbine blades in transport. These are huge!

Wind Turbine, Blade, Wind Turbine Blade, Lorry, Articulated Lorry, Transport, Germany

The Elbe Tunnel is older than me. Just.

Road, Elbe Tunnel, Germany

Car, Lorry, Elbe Tunnel, Germany

Den Ny Lillebæltsbro, New Little Belt Bridge, Bridge, Cars, Road, Denmark

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