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This was registration day for the FW European Championships. Being here early paid off as was prompt for the registration process, completing everything by 1030 so leaving the rest of the day to explore Liepaja whilst waiting for the forecast wind to build.

Liepaja is known throughout Latvia as, “The city where the wind is born” with a song of the same name becoming the anthem of the city. Passing by the Tourist Office, they gave details of a city tour that could be made by following notes embossed into the pavement. The information there stated that Liepaja was also Latvias music capital with a number of different festivals held each year.

Latvia, Liepaja, Statues, Song

Latvia, Liepaja, Statues, Song

Latvia, Liepaja, Statues

The local outdoor market was full of life. It’s been a while since I have seen one of these.

Latvia, Liepaja, Market

Climbing the cathedral stairs to lookout point, this bell sounded at a most inopportune moment. Should probably have checked the time before walking past it…

Latvia, Liepaja, Cathedral, Bell

Latvia, Liepaja, Cathedral, Stairs

It was a clear day, the view over the city was great and I managed to start piecing together where things were.

Latvia, Liepaja

Latvia, Liepaja

Latvia, Liepaja

There was a real mix of properties around the city. This old wooden house had a particularly spooky look towards nightfall.

Latvia, Liepaja, Architecture

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