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There was not so much breeze in the morning which meant plans to go out on the water early were put on hold. Instead, I decided to keep active and take a tour of Riga on the bike. I spent most of the time rattling my way over the winding cobbled streets of the old town.

Latvia, Riga, Buildings, Clock Tower

Latvia, Riga, Buildings, Church Spire, Car

Latvia, Riga, Buildings, Church Spire

Latvia, Riga, Buildings, Road

Latvia, Riga, Church Spire, Road Sign, No Waiting

The trusty guide book came out to help me work out this was the Freedom Monument.

Latvia, Riga, Freedom Monument, Monument

For those statisticians among you; in total I saw four weddings, one stag party and something peculiar happening on bikes.

Latvia, Riga, Bicycles, Flowers

Latvia, Riga, Park, Bridge

Off one of the side streets in central old town, found this old building which came as a surprise.

Latvia, Riga, Building

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