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As the ferry was closing in on Göteborg, I had my first encounters with ‘The SWEgull’. Overall, seemed much more polite that those back on The Rock as they didn’t try to steal my breakfast! Regardless of these first impressions, it didn’t stop me guarding my food vigilantly.

Sweden, Göteborg, Bird, Seagull

Safeguarding duty complete, looked a little further afield at the passing scenery of Göteborg. Not the best of days to be surveying the charm of the city, more suited to seeing the industrial shipping area with the overcast skies.

Sweden, Göteborg, Ferry, Commercial Shipping

Sweden, Göteborg, Commercial Shipping

Sweden, Göteborg

Probably the emptiest ferry I have been on… Then again, it did run at a most unsociable hour.

Sweden, Ferry, VW, Transporter, Sportline, Van

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