Turaida Castle

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The light wind forecast suggested that today was one for exploring. So, took a trip out to look over Turaida Castle with the guys from Brazil.

Latvia, Turaida Castle

Latvia, Turaida Castle

Latvia, Turaida Castle, Renato Pozolo, BRA-302

Latvia, Turaida Castle

From the top of tower was a great view of the surrounding Gauja National Park with the Gauja River winding through.

Latvia, Turaida Castle, Gauja National Park, Gauja River

Obscurus Orbis were a touring Latvian Medieval Music Band who really added to the atmosphere at Turaida Castle with their music.

Latvia, Turaida Castle, Band, Music

Looking around the grounds of the estate surrounding the castle, there were some pretty impressive statues.

Latvia, Turaida Castle, Statue

Latvia, Turaida Castle, Statue

There were also countless apple trees, the windfall from which helped to provide us with some additional entertainment.

Latvia, Turaida Castle, Wilhelm Schurmann, BRA-999, Renato Pozolo, BRA-302, Apples, Juggling

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