UKWA Cup – Herne Bay

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The UKWA Cup at Herne Bay was my first Formula Windsurfing event for the 2012 season.

I had refreshed my equipment for the season just prior to this event which meant there was not a great deal of time to be able to tune this up before competing. For the Point-7 race sails, this was actually the first opportunity I had to use them. I had taken the Starboard 167W out only once before to test some fins, which were also new to me…

The event presented us with testing conditions which were initially steadily over 20 knots although they gradually backed off to be down to around 15 knots by the end of the event.

The first day of racing saw me struggling with getting good settings on the equipment to allow easy and fast sailing with more time spent in a personal battle to get around the course rather than actually properly compete with the rest of the field.

The second day saw much of these issues resolved although they were then replaced by general handling issues which were noticeable through lack of practice in the early part of the year whilst I had been working on general fitness and rowing more than windsurfing.

I was encouraged by the final race of the event which saw things coming back into form with mistakes being minimised and general performance improving resulting in me taking victory by an entire leg of the course.

Overall, I finished the event in third place which I felt to be an adequate performance all things considered. It also assisted to tune up my equipment in preparation for the tougher European Formula Windsurfing events coming up next in my competitive calendar.

One of the dinner options.

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I spent some time comparing notes with Chris Bond was also using Point-7 sails for one of the first times at this event.

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The restricted travel times I had available were made better by being able to view a great sunrise before returning to Guernsey on Condor Ferries.

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