Heading to Latvia

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To take part in the next two Formula Windsurfing events in my calendar, I first needed to get to Liepaja, Latvia. Time for a road trip.

From Guernsey, I took the ferry over to Saint Malo in France.

Guernsey, Architecture

Guernsey, Architecture, Breakwater, Castle Cornet

Herm, Jethou

Saint Malo, France

I then had to drive through to Germany to get the next ferry. I was impressed by the humour introduced by road signs whilst in Germany and battling through endless road works.

Germany, Road Works, Sign

Germany, Road Works, Sign

Germany, Road Works, Sign

The happy smiley face filled me with confidence until I escaped the road works to instead be greeted by traffic jams. I saw no smiley faces anywhere during this lot, mildly disappointed.

Germany, Traffic, Congestion, Traffic Jam

Germany, Traffic, Congestion, Traffic Jam

Getting to the ferry with a solid 10 minutes to spare after the delays in Germany, I enjoyed the sunshine on the upper decks of the ferry over to Lithuania. It seemed that summer had arrived properly at last.

Germany, Lithuania, Ferry, Helicopter Pad, Blue Sky

We were greeted by a pilot boat and led to the correct docking area in what was a much bigger port than I had expected. Strange, those two ships look familiar…

Lithuania, Harbour, Pilot Boat

Lithuania, Ferry, Harbour, Port, Crane

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