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Autumn Storm Season

Windsurfing, James Briggs, GBR-91,, Point-7, Starboard, Vazon Bay, Guernsey

For the northern hemisphere the summer is behind us, the days are drawing shorter and the temperature is steadily dropping. However, the recent storm season with relatively mild temperatures on The Rock has provided some superb conditions out on the water. The beach has been a relative hive of activity and I have enjoyed making […]

2013 Season Summary

Formula, Formula Windsurfing, Windsurfing, James Briggs, GBR-91,, Point-7, Starboard, Christian Bratsch, Lake Neusiedl, Austria

With limited exposure to Formula Windsurfing through 2012 as my focus had been more on Offshore Rowing, an event early in the season in France highlighted that I would need to put in some focussed training in order be competitive. I created a set of simple goals to help retain that focus. My primary goal […]

Formula Windsurfing British Open

Formula, Formula Windsurfing, Windsurfing, UKWA, James Briggs, GBR-91, Point-7, Starboard, Weymouth, WPNSA

The Formula Windsurfing British Open held at Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy was an interesting event for me as I went there with no expectations having had only a limited season. As it turned out, I was actually in first place overall for much of the event and only lost this in the final […]

Sark to Jersey

James Briggs, Rowing, Sark, Jersey, Glow Wellbeing, Aerial-i, Kevin Lajoie

After a week of steady recuperation and training, I felt much more prepared to tackle the Sark to Jersey Offshore Rowing race than my previous outing for the GRC Clameur Challenge. I had company on this voyage. Jon Sexton had kindly agreed that ‘Mogul Duster’ would act as my guard boat for the event with […]

GRC Clameur Challenge

After the recent Formula Windsurfing competitions I attended, it was time to hop back in the Glow boat. This was the ninth and final race in the Guernsey Rowing Club Championship Series. Unfortunately, my recent time away from The Rock had meant I had missed some crucial races, putting me out of contention for the […]

Formula Windsurfing Baltic and World Championships

Lativa, Liepaja, Beach, Storm, Formula Windsurfing, Windsurfing, Flags, Competitors

I arrived the day before the competition having successfully navigated a succession of ferries and driving hazards to arrive at Liepaja in Latvia. The conditions offered very light winds with a fairly large sea by comparison to the wind strength. There were 84 competitors registered which would make this a much more challenging event than […]

GRC Rocquaine Regatta

Summer storms continued to provide difficulties for the scheduled races within the Guernsey Rowing Club calendar. This race would normally be preceded by one which gets the boats from the east to the west coast of Guernsey. Instead, some opted to take boats by road or managed to find a gap in the weather to […]

Gorey to Carteret

Simon Marley, Paul Montague, James Briggs, Joe Paul, Neil Brennan, Rowing, Guernsey Rowing Club

It was time for something different within the rowing season. I teamed up with Simon Marley, Paul Montague, Joe Paul and Neil Brennan to form a coxed fours boat to take part in the race from Gorey to Carteret. Despite looking ideal at the start in Jersey, traditionally this race gets rougher the closer to […]

GRC Around Jethou

This was the sixth race in the Guernsey Rowing Club Championship Series. The course started in Guernsey and saw competitors row around the nearby island of Jethou any way they chose. All competitors chose to row from south to north to gain the maximum benefit of the tides. Joe Paul made a strong challenge for […]