James grew up on the small island of Guernsey. Early years saw him involved in and around boats cruising the Channel Islands and over to France with family, taking his first outing on the water at only four weeks old. Some time later, he became more formally involved with dinghy and yacht racing, then managing to contribute a little more to the operation of the boat compared to those first sailing trips.

Whilst competitive sailing still occurs from time to time, other pursuits are more at the forefront with offshore rowing and windsurfing being in focus.

Learning to windsurf in 2003 and gaining inspiration from success at the Island Games in Shetland in 2005, he made the first steps to compete on the international Formula Windsurfing circuit in 2008.

James Briggs, GBR-91, Denmark, Skive, Formula, Windsurfing, Formula Windsurfing, Starboard, Point-7

James Briggs, GBR-91, Italy, Torbole, Formula, Windsurfing, Formula Windsurfing, Starboard, Point-7

Formula, Windsurfing, Formula Windsurfing, 2012, World Championships, Liepaja, Latvia, Flags, Beach, Storm

Taking on the role of a professional athlete competing on the Formula Windsurfing World Tour during 2011, this provided the opportunity to travel the globe and visit many places alongside providing a new and varied set of challenges.

James Briggs, VW, Volkswagen, Transporter, Sportline, France, Mont Blanc

Building on the previous lessons learnt in relation to both the approach to equipment tuning and sports psychology, 2012 provided the opportunity to enhance an existing offshore rowing boat design and break a number of long standing records.

James Briggs, Offshore Rowing, Rowing, Single Scull, Guernsey

James Briggs, Offshore Rowing, Rowing, Single Scull, Sark, Jersey

2013 saw the focus return to windsurfing with a mixture of time spent enjoying the local waters around Guernsey and also an extended trip to compete in the International Formula Windsurfing World Circuit events across Europe.

James Briggs, GBR-91, Vazon, Guernsey, Beach, Windsurfing, Starboard, Point-7, Sado

James Briggs, GBR-91, Guernsey, Vazon Bay, Starboard, Point-7, Sado, aerial-i, http://aeriali.net

As always, there remains the underlying aim of seeking the best manageable balance between all things.

James Briggs, GBR-91, Guernsey, Vazon Bay, Beach, Fort, Fort Houmet, Starboard, Point-7, Sado