A seasoned strategy, process and project management consultant, James Briggs has taken these practiced concepts and extended their scope to encompass living a wholesome and balanced life.

James believes that being physically active helps to promote good health and provides a balance with the modern connected lifestyle. It is all too easy to get caught up in the day to day routine tasks and fail to give proper attention to personal well being so leading to reduced performance of tasks and ultimately enjoyment in life. A keen outdoor enthusiast, James has always been involved in competitive water sports and has seen success in individual and team sailing, offshore rowing and windsurfing events.

Professional and sporting pursuits have seen James work and travel internationally, gaining experience from different cultures and exposure to different situations. He has many global connections and a strong social media network that can be used to promote new concepts.

His positive and flexible outlook allows for opportunities to be seen in any challenging situation. A self motivated and disciplined professional in all pursuits, his ability to focus on the fine detail whilst also retaining in mind high level strategic goals ensures that constant progress and improvements are made in the desired direction with any obstacles overcome in an organised and measured manner.

James is always open to and actively seeking new opportunities. If you think that his qualities may be useful to your organisation and would like to discuss a mutually beneficial opportunity, please contact James.