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Nordic Championships Preview

Beach, Halmstad, Sweden, Parachute

Beautiful sunshine, a very gentle breeze, a sandy beach and people hurling themselves out of perfectly good planes in the name of competition. Judging by their rate of descent, I think the aim was to plummet the fastest and still make it to the right spot on the beach. Crashing scored low points. The scene […]

Back to the North

Car Park, VW, Volkswagen, Transporter, Sportline, Black, Road Signs

After some more fun and games with excess luggage and Qantas, the rest of the journey back to the UK was very smooth on the Airbus A380. How peculiar, that’s not where I left you… Apparently they were doing some work on the car park and had to move my van a number of times […]

Heading South

Airport, Formula, Windsurfing, Formula Windsurfing, Equipment

It was quite a mission to get to Heathrow with Formula Windsurfing equipment from Guernsey. Best approach seemed to be taking the ferry to Jersey, then onwards to Portsmouth before driving to the airport. Now the travel really begins as I head south…