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Manly Beach

Manly Beach, Manly, Beach, Australia, Surf, Surfer, Birds

Last day in Australia, went to see the surf at Manly Beach before heading over to the airport. There was a surprising greyness to the day, looks like Australia is trying to acclimatise me to the northern hemisphere…

Manly Trek

Manly, Australia, Beach

Decided to explore Manly for my last few days in Australia and went on the hike from Manly to Spit Bridge, plus a few extra bits thrown in for good measure.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Last time I was in Sydney, felt that I really did not do the Sydney Opera House justice. Unfortunately I managed to pick the one afternoon when the regular tours around the Sydney Opera House had been cancelled and instead had to satisfy myself with exploring the exterior.

Heat 6 NSW

Rigging Area, Formula, Windsurfing, Newcastle, Australia

I grabbed a lift with Chris Ting to Heat 6 of the Storm Riders NSW Series. This was my first time back on Formula kit since the crash last month when competing at the Downunder Pro Formula Windsurfing Championships. It’s fair to say that I had to take things a little easy and survived the […]

Bicycle Sentry

Butterfly, Bicycle

Probably the most dangerous animal I’ve seen in Australia on this trip. It was vigilantly guarding the bicycle and was not going to give it up without good reason. Thankfully, the fact that I opened the garage door and wheeled the bicycle outside seemed reason enough…

Gone Fishing

Boats, Marina, Night, Sydney, Australia

Teamed up with some old friends from The Rock to go on a ridiculously early start to a day trip fishing. Dawn had not even yet made any thought of an appearance. In fact, I am sure that the sun set but only a moment ago. 0700 and all is well. Things were not surprisingly […]

Weekend Warriors

Formula, Windsurfing, Formula Windsurfing, Brisbane, Australia, Sean O'Brien, AUS-120, John O'Brien

Took a trip out to the beach with the John and Sean O’Brien to see if there was any easy light wind slalom action fun to be had on the Sunday. Initially, we were not entirely successful with the debris from the flooding still causing issues. Managed to find a suitable spot for a gentle […]