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Formula Windsurfing Baltic and World Championships

Lativa, Liepaja, Beach, Storm, Formula Windsurfing, Windsurfing, Flags, Competitors

I arrived the day before the competition having successfully navigated a succession of ferries and driving hazards to arrive at Liepaja in Latvia. The conditions offered very light winds with a fairly large sea by comparison to the wind strength. There were 84 competitors registered which would make this a much more challenging event than […]


Denmark, Grenen, Beach, Waves, Sea

Making the most of the fine weather, took a walk out to the northernmost tip of Denmark at Grenen. I was a little surprised by the number of other people who had the same idea! Took a detour off the main route and with no one else in sight, found these randomly parked up on […]

Riga to Liepaja

Latvia, Liepaja, Beach, Surf, Storm, Clouds

I travelled from Riga to Liepaja today taking the scenic route as suggested by some of the locals, although possibly more so than planned. I definitely succeeded in missing out on some of the main roads encountering cobbled streets, dirt roads and one track bridges. Arrived at Liepaja through a maze of road works and […]

Polish Open – Day One

Poland, Sopot, Polish Open, Formula, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Skimboarding, Beach

Today was tricky for both Formula Windsurfing competitors and officials. There was a lot of waiting for the wind to settle and build enough for the Polish Open to take place. The beach was pretty well decked out with entertainments for any spectators in the form of a volley ball pitch, four way trampoline, skim […]


Poland, Rewa, Beach

On the way from the Hel Peninsula to Sopot, stopped off in a small village called Rewa. I had heard that this had a long spit of sand which on one side there was shallow water and on the other deeper water. It had been recommended as a great windsurfing spot, one that was far […]

Hel Peninsula

Poland, Hel Peninsula, Chalupy, Beach, Sunset

First stop in Poland was camping at Chałupy on the Hel Peninsula. This place is popular with both windsurfers and kitesurfers where the water on the gently shelving south shore of the peninsula can get pretty crowded at times. Crossing over the railway line, going through the forest and then hitting the beach on the […]

Unexpected Interest at Kårehamn

Sweden, Kårehamn, Formula, Windsurfing, Formula Windsurfing, Beach, Cattle

The wind rolled into Öland from the north east providing the opportunity to sail at Kårehamn with some of the other Swedish Formula Windsurfers. I sense the spot we were at may have been part of a regular ambling route for the local cattle who seemed quite interested in what we were up to…