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Nordic Championships Day Three

Sweden, Halmstad, Nordic Championships, Podium, Overall

The final day of racing at the Nordic Championships saw challenging conditions for both the competitors and the event officials. The morning was spent waiting on the beach for the breeze to build. Groups of other beach users making the most of the superb weekend weather gradually encroached on the area cordoned off for launching. […]

Nordic Championships Preview

Beach, Halmstad, Sweden, Parachute

Beautiful sunshine, a very gentle breeze, a sandy beach and people hurling themselves out of perfectly good planes in the name of competition. Judging by their rate of descent, I think the aim was to plummet the fastest and still make it to the right spot on the beach. Crashing scored low points. The scene […]


Klitmøller, Denmark, Roadsign

I am enjoying the most of the varied conditions which Denmark is offering up. Over a few of the windier days I took the opportunity to visit Klitmøller, colloquially known as “Cold Hawaii”, for some wave sailing action taking a break from Formula Windsurfing training at Skive.

Training in Denmark

Formula, Windsurfing, Formula Windsurfing, Point-7, Starboard, GBR-91, James Briggs, jamesbriggs.me

I have been training at Skive with Christian Justesen prior to the YM Formula Windsurfing World Championships held here later in the year. Took a short trip over to Venø for some superb full power flat water downwind blasting after a sturdy beat through the chop out to the lighthouse. Whilst there, the students attending […]

Sail Extreme 2011

Awards, Trophies, Sail Extreme 2011

Arrived at Kerteminde, Denmark on Friday for registration before the Sail Extreme 2011 event began the following day. The small town was much busier than normal with nearly 2000 competitors and visitors here for the weekend. Entertainment spilled out onto the streets of the town. One of the more extreme yachts competing at the weekend. […]

Manly Beach

Manly Beach, Manly, Beach, Australia, Surf, Surfer, Birds

Last day in Australia, went to see the surf at Manly Beach before heading over to the airport. There was a surprising greyness to the day, looks like Australia is trying to acclimatise me to the northern hemisphere…


Tauranga, Sea, Surf, Beach, Tauranga, New Zealand

I met up with Barney Chandler in Auckland then planned a ridiculous weekend of activities whilst driving down to Tauranga. On the way down, we learned from Katie of the severe earthquake in Japan and how there was now a tsunami warning active for New Zealand. These guys lived right on the beach so quite […]

Weekend Warriors

Formula, Windsurfing, Formula Windsurfing, Brisbane, Australia, Sean O'Brien, AUS-120, John O'Brien

Took a trip out to the beach with the John and Sean O’Brien to see if there was any easy light wind slalom action fun to be had on the Sunday. Initially, we were not entirely successful with the debris from the flooding still causing issues. Managed to find a suitable spot for a gentle […]

Hawks Nest

James Briggs, jamesbriggs.me, Point-7, Starboard, Formula, Windsurfing

There was a spare day between the warmup event, Heat 5 NSW, and the Downunder Pro Formula Windsurfing Championships. Made the most of the day with an early morning run along Jimmys Beach, helping out with filming video as part of the photo shoot later on then followed up by some time out on the […]