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Norway, Tønsberg, Boat

I spent a few days in Tønsberg before the Formula Windsurfing event planned for the weekend. Taking a walk along the waterfront, spotted a viking ship being built in the traditional way using old tools and methods to recreate a replica of the original. Someone clearly has too much time on their hands, this bike […]


Denmark, Grenen, Beach, Waves, Sea

Making the most of the fine weather, took a walk out to the northernmost tip of Denmark at Grenen. I was a little surprised by the number of other people who had the same idea! Took a detour off the main route and with no one else in sight, found these randomly parked up on […]


Beach, Rocks, Chris Bond, GBR-98, Latvia, Karosta

Hit the bikes with Chris Bond (GBR-98) and disappeared off on a tour of Karosta after the event at Liepaja had finished. There was the option to explore the underground labyrinth under the ruins of the northern fortress if you took along a torch. A little more tricky with no light apart from the flash […]


Latvia, Riga, Buildings, Clock Tower

There was not so much breeze in the morning which meant plans to go out on the water early were put on hold. Instead, I decided to keep active and take a tour of Riga on the bike. I spent most of the time rattling my way over the winding cobbled streets of the old […]

Hel Peninsula

Poland, Hel Peninsula, Chalupy, Beach, Sunset

First stop in Poland was camping at Chałupy on the Hel Peninsula. This place is popular with both windsurfers and kitesurfers where the water on the gently shelving south shore of the peninsula can get pretty crowded at times. Crossing over the railway line, going through the forest and then hitting the beach on the […]

Tarawera Falls

Tarawera Falls, Tarawera, New Zealand, Waterfall

Really enjoyable and fully packed weekend of camping, swimming and hiking around Tarawera Falls. Just to make sure the time was properly filled, we went to Rotorua from here to grab the last couple of lifts for some mountain biking through the forests before I had to hop on a bus back to Auckland. There […]

Bicycle Sentry

Butterfly, Bicycle

Probably the most dangerous animal I’ve seen in Australia on this trip. It was vigilantly guarding the bicycle and was not going to give it up without good reason. Thankfully, the fact that I opened the garage door and wheeled the bicycle outside seemed reason enough…