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Norway, Tønsberg, Boat

I spent a few days in Tønsberg before the Formula Windsurfing event planned for the weekend. Taking a walk along the waterfront, spotted a viking ship being built in the traditional way using old tools and methods to recreate a replica of the original. Someone clearly has too much time on their hands, this bike […]


Denmark, Skagen, Wildlife, Bird, Harbour, Navigational Marks

I had hoped to go back over to Klitmøller once again after the event had finished in Skive although with light offshore winds forecast, it would not have been such a good spot as last time I visited. Instead, out came the guide book which dragged me off to the northernmost section of Denmark. First […]


Sweden, Göteborg, Paddan, Boat, Tree

After a great weekend of wave sailing at Haverdal, the forecast did not look so good for the next few days out on the water. Out came the trusty travel guide and I took a tour around Göteborg instead, having only sped through the city a few days previously. I thought the Paddan boats provided […]


Sweden, Göteborg, Bird, Seagull

As the ferry was closing in on Göteborg, I had my first encounters with ‘The SWEgull’. Overall, seemed much more polite that those back on The Rock as they didn’t try to steal my breakfast! Regardless of these first impressions, it didn’t stop me guarding my food vigilantly. Safeguarding duty complete, looked a little further […]

Training in Denmark

Formula, Windsurfing, Formula Windsurfing, Point-7, Starboard, GBR-91, James Briggs, jamesbriggs.me

I have been training at Skive with Christian Justesen prior to the YM Formula Windsurfing World Championships held here later in the year. Took a short trip over to Venø for some superb full power flat water downwind blasting after a sturdy beat through the chop out to the lighthouse. Whilst there, the students attending […]

Sail Extreme 2011

Awards, Trophies, Sail Extreme 2011

Arrived at Kerteminde, Denmark on Friday for registration before the Sail Extreme 2011 event began the following day. The small town was much busier than normal with nearly 2000 competitors and visitors here for the weekend. Entertainment spilled out onto the streets of the town. One of the more extreme yachts competing at the weekend. […]

Departing Guernsey

Castle Cornet, St Peter Port, Guernsey

The time passed quickly on Guernsey with last minute preparations keeping me occupied until the ferry was due to leave. Once I hit France, amazed by the change in temperature and the fact that it instantly felt like summer. Found a calm spot to park up for the evening before the drive down to Italy […]

Final Day in NZ

Sky Tower from the Viaduct, Sky Tower, Auckland, New Zealand, Boats, Marina

My final morning in New Zealand came around quickly. It’s been a whirlwind tour, immensely enjoyable. I went for a stroll through Auckland itself before checking out the super yacht a Zack Ferbrache had been working on.


Auckland, New Zealand

Whilst in this part of the world, took the opportunity of the short trip over to New Zealand. Spent the morning looking through the Voyager Museum, then the afternoon sailing with friends. All in all a pretty great welcome to New Zealand and superb to get the opportunity to catch up with those I have […]