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GRC Guernsey to Herm

This was the third of the Guernsey Rowing Club Handicap Series of races and would lead into the Sure Regatta consisting of three races involving Herm. A short sprint from Guernsey to Herm, choosing the right course could provide tidal assistance although took a longer route over the ground. I decided to stick close to […]

GRC Lower Heads (Alternate)

After some unseasonal bad weather, the planned Guernsey Rowing Club Lower Heads Handicap Series race took place over an alternate course that was inshore and partially protected from the conditions by the east coast cliffs. A challenging race after an extended break, Joe Paul showed good form to finish in a faster time than the […]

GRC BTS Challenge

The Guernsey Rowing Club BTS Challenge was the first of the Handicap Series where boats are given start times based on their previous performance and have to chase down the slower boats who set off first. Recently back from a long weekend competing in the UK with Formula Windsurfing, I did not feel best prepared […]

UKWA Cup – Herne Bay

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The UKWA Cup at Herne Bay was my first Formula Windsurfing event for the 2012 season. I had refreshed my equipment for the season just prior to this event which meant there was not a great deal of time to be able to tune this up before competing. For the Point-7 race sails, this was […]

GRC Andrew Mahy Memorial

The fourth race in the Guernsey Rowing Club season was another Championship Race that was largely the reverse of the GRC Around Alligande course. Similar tidal challenges existed navigating on the way out to Alligande and also returning to Guernsey. Joe Paul showed mastery of the following swell on the quarter in the breezier conditions, […]

GRC Havelet Buoyed

The third race in the Guernsey Rowing Club Championship Series, this involved three laps of Havelet Bay. Neither a sprint nor a marathon, it can be hard to set the right pace. Thankfully, with Joe Paul pushing me the whole way, the pace was set at ‘fast’. I took a new record in 50 minutes […]

GRC Around Alligande

This is the second of the Guernsey Rowing Club Championship Series of races. This race involves rowing around the Little Russel in an anticlockwise direction. It can be fairly tricky to gauge the tidal effect between Alligande and Vivian meaning that it is never quite a straight line course. Even more noticeable this time as […]

GRC St Sampsons to St Peter Port

The first of the races in the Guernsey Rowing Club calendar is a short sprint along the east coast from one harbour to another. It is a staggered start so until the results are announced, it is impossible to know how you have performed against the others in your class. For me it was a […]

2011 Season Summary

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The 2011 Formula Windsurfing season has come to a close for me. I am now once again back in Guernsey working on how to cover the expenses incurred through the campaign. Alongside this, I look forward to hitting the local beaches here for some fun times through the winter storms whilst everyone else runs for […]

FW British Open

Weymouth, WPNSA, UKWA, Trophies

There were four fleets of sailors here at Weymouth for the UKWA British Open in the Techno One Design 6.8 & 7.8, RSX, Raceboard and Formula. I found a spot to rig up in the middle of the RSX fleet. Wondered if I could pick up any tips from these potential future Olympians. Bob Ingram […]