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To Hel and Beyond

Poland, Road, Cobbles, Trees, Fields

I had some fun on the way through Poland as have this habit of making the wrong turn whilst in the country, so missing the main road. Shortly after this shot, I was onto dirt tracks practicing my rally driving skills on the way to Hel. On the way out of Poland and on the […]

Lindholm Høje

Denmark, Lindholm Høje, Viking, Settlement, Burial Ground

I decided on a minor detour in favour of paying some attention to my guide book and take in the local sights almost en route. Lindhom Høje was fairly deserted at the late hour I arrived on the eve of midsummer.

Formula Windsurfing at Gyldendal

Denmark, Gyldendal, Formula Windsurfing, James Briggs, GBR-91, jamesbriggs.me, Point-7, Starboard

I went out Formula Windsurfing at Gyldendal to experience some light onshore wind conditions. With the breakwater there surrounding the harbour, it also provided a great spot for Klaus Nørreggard who wanted to get a little more video footage for a preview piece he is putting together for the YM FW World Championships later in […]


Klitmøller, Denmark, Roadsign

I am enjoying the most of the varied conditions which Denmark is offering up. Over a few of the windier days I took the opportunity to visit Klitmøller, colloquially known as “Cold Hawaii”, for some wave sailing action taking a break from Formula Windsurfing training at Skive.

Batteri Hanstholm

Denmark, Batteri Hanstholm, German Fortifications, Windswept Landscape

Something was a little odd about the surrounding landscape, looks like something is missing… You might think a few trees would not look amiss. However, it seems that underground fortifications were the way to go.

Training in Denmark

Formula, Windsurfing, Formula Windsurfing, Point-7, Starboard, GBR-91, James Briggs, jamesbriggs.me

I have been training at Skive with Christian Justesen prior to the YM Formula Windsurfing World Championships held here later in the year. Took a short trip over to Venø for some superb full power flat water downwind blasting after a sturdy beat through the chop out to the lighthouse. Whilst there, the students attending […]

Sail Extreme 2011

Awards, Trophies, Sail Extreme 2011

Arrived at Kerteminde, Denmark on Friday for registration before the Sail Extreme 2011 event began the following day. The small town was much busier than normal with nearly 2000 competitors and visitors here for the weekend. Entertainment spilled out onto the streets of the town. One of the more extreme yachts competing at the weekend. […]

Italy to Denmark

Mountains, Austria, Mist, Clouds

It turned into a bit of mission getting from Italy to Denmark. Journey time was slightly increased by the fact that my Sat Nav device decided to take some very random detours to avoid traffic. The first was excellent and found me some cheap fuel, the next through the middle of Hamburg, not so good. […]