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From Norway to Italy…

Germany, Road, Trees

This was always going to be a bit of a mission of a trip starting with the ferry from Norway over to Denmark, through Germany and onto Italy. In Germany, I managed to cut a few corners on the trip taking the scenic and empty minor roads in favour of the autobahn. However, I was […]

To Hel and Beyond

Poland, Road, Cobbles, Trees, Fields

I had some fun on the way through Poland as have this habit of making the wrong turn whilst in the country, so missing the main road. Shortly after this shot, I was onto dirt tracks practicing my rally driving skills on the way to Hel. On the way out of Poland and on the […]

Italy to Denmark

Mountains, Austria, Mist, Clouds

It turned into a bit of mission getting from Italy to Denmark. Journey time was slightly increased by the fact that my Sat Nav device decided to take some very random detours to avoid traffic. The first was excellent and found me some cheap fuel, the next through the middle of Hamburg, not so good. […]