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Guernsey Powerboat Racing

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No time on the water today for me; light winds and there was a powerboat race taking place where I would have launched the rowing boat from. Instead, I enjoyed a swift stroll to the top of the hill in the sunshine and watched a bit of the racing, requirement to be outdoors satisfied.

Glow Boat Training

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I attempted to take the GoPro out with me on the Glow boat; needs some work in finding the best place for this to go to give the feedback I was looking for. After the training session, managed to capture the sun setting over the marina and town of St Peter Port.

OTW at L’Ancresse

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It looked like there was a fine breeze and a small wave coming in at L’Ancresse Bay in Guernsey. Only downside was that it was high tide which made launching a little more interesting than normal with the waves washing over the slipway… Made it…

Rowing Boat Construction : Update 1

Rowing, Guernsey, Guernsey Rowing Club, Wedd Osmond

It looks like I will be spending a good portion of time in Guernsey over this year with only limited travel plans. I have decided to get properly involved with the local rowing scene offered by the Guernsey Rowing Club. Following some lengthy conversations and a number of test runs, Wedd Osmond and the rest […]

The Centurion Charity Row

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I completed 100km on the Concept2 in 7 hours and 31 minutes, just one minute outside of the planned schedule I had put together. It was quite a challenge and I had no idea how I would endure through the experience. Feeling pleased about that performance. Thanks go out to the event organisers and support […]

The Centurion Charity Row – Final Countdown

James Briggs, Rowing, Guernsey, The Centurion Charity Row, MS, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Guernsey Cheshire Homes Society

There is now just one week to go until The Centurion Charity Row. Through November I have done over 300km on the Concept2 training for the event, think that’s about as prepared as I am going to be… More information can be found either off the link at the Guernsey Rowing Club or alternatively at […]

Change of Pace

James Briggs, GBR-91, Concept2, Rowing

Now for something a little different… Can you tell what it is yet? I’m not exactly sure how well this will actually float mind you. I have already travelled over 150km with this during November and expect there to be much more distance left to go. Here is my final picture for you. If you […]