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2011 Season Summary

James Briggs, GBR-91, jamesbriggs.me, Point-7, Starboard, Formula, Windsurfing

The 2011 Formula Windsurfing season has come to a close for me. I am now once again back in Guernsey working on how to cover the expenses incurred through the campaign. Alongside this, I look forward to hitting the local beaches here for some fun times through the winter storms whilst everyone else runs for […]

New Zealand Formula Nationals

Foot, Ankle, Injury, Strapping, James Briggs, GBR-91, jamesbriggs.me

The ankle was a bit on the sore side after the epic hiking a few days back so out came the support tape before even considering hitting the water. Ready for the event, I arrived at Point Chev pretty early compared to all else who seemed suitably relaxed about all that was happening over the […]

Heat 6 NSW

Rigging Area, Formula, Windsurfing, Newcastle, Australia

I grabbed a lift with Chris Ting to Heat 6 of the Storm Riders NSW Series. This was my first time back on Formula kit since the crash last month when competing at the Downunder Pro Formula Windsurfing Championships. It’s fair to say that I had to take things a little easy and survived the […]


James Briggs, GBR-91, Elbow, X-Ray

After the crash at Hawks Nest, I have been consulting the local medical staff to make sure that things aren’t too serious with damage sustained to elbow and ankle. Good news! Looks like the elbow is not fractured.

Downunder Pro Day 3

Not such a good day on the water today. I was involved in a pretty major near head on collision with another competitor whilst out on the race course. We were both fully powered up meaning that the closing speeds were in excess of 40 knots when we hit. The initial assessment is that Steven […]