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Formula Windsurfing Baltic and World Championships

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I arrived the day before the competition having successfully navigated a succession of ferries and driving hazards to arrive at Liepaja in Latvia. The conditions offered very light winds with a fairly large sea by comparison to the wind strength. There were 84 competitors registered which would make this a much more challenging event than […]

To Hel and Beyond

Poland, Road, Cobbles, Trees, Fields

I had some fun on the way through Poland as have this habit of making the wrong turn whilst in the country, so missing the main road. Shortly after this shot, I was onto dirt tracks practicing my rally driving skills on the way to Hel. On the way out of Poland and on the […]


Beach, Rocks, Chris Bond, GBR-98, Latvia, Karosta

Hit the bikes with Chris Bond (GBR-98) and disappeared off on a tour of Karosta after the event at Liepaja had finished. There was the option to explore the underground labyrinth under the ruins of the northern fortress if you took along a torch. A little more tricky with no light apart from the flash […]

Formula Windsurfing European Championships

Latvia, Liepaja, Formula, Windsurfing, European Championships

In total there were nearly 100 entrants from 18 countries attending the FW European Championships. The mens fleet of 90 was split into two groups to allow for a more manageable fleet size. I found to get a good start in this fleet extremely challenging, only managing a few occasions when I got away clean. […]


Latvia, Liepaja

This was registration day for the FW European Championships. Being here early paid off as was prompt for the registration process, completing everything by 1030 so leaving the rest of the day to explore Liepaja whilst waiting for the forecast wind to build. Liepaja is known throughout Latvia as, “The city where the wind is […]

Latvian Baltic Cup – Day Three

Latvia, Beach, Prize Giving, Tent, Flags, Competitors

The final day of the Latvian Baltic Cup saw the formula fleet remain on the beach for the day in the blazing sunshine with only a slight cooling breeze. There were 81 competitors from 11 countries at the event. This looks promising for a great attendance at the Formula Windsurfing European Championships starting this week. […]

Latvian Baltic Cup – Day Two

Liepaja, Latvia, Beach, Starboard, James Briggs, GBR-91, jamesbriggs.me

Light offshore winds at Liepaja for the three day Latvian Baltic Cup. The first day of competition saw two races. Later in the day, we were all called out onto the water once more although the wind faded before any racing could be completed, resulting in a one hour drift upwind back to the beach. […]