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Riga to Liepaja

Latvia, Liepaja, Beach, Surf, Storm, Clouds

I travelled from Riga to Liepaja today taking the scenic route as suggested by some of the locals, although possibly more so than planned. I definitely succeeded in missing out on some of the main roads encountering cobbled streets, dirt roads and one track bridges. Arrived at Liepaja through a maze of road works and […]

Turaida Castle

Latvia, Turaida Castle

The light wind forecast suggested that today was one for exploring. So, took a trip out to look over Turaida Castle with the guys from Brazil. From the top of tower was a great view of the surrounding Gauja National Park with the Gauja River winding through. Obscurus Orbis were a touring Latvian Medieval Music […]


Latvia, Riga, Buildings, Clock Tower

There was not so much breeze in the morning which meant plans to go out on the water early were put on hold. Instead, I decided to keep active and take a tour of Riga on the bike. I spent most of the time rattling my way over the winding cobbled streets of the old […]