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Borgholm Castle

Sweden, Öland, Borgholm Castle, Borgholms Slott

Whilst on Öland, I spent some time exloring Borgholm Castle and the surrounding grounds. Don’t think this is the main entrance… In the museum, there was a model of the castle as it once would have looked before being destroyed by fire in 1806.

Lindholm Høje

Denmark, Lindholm Høje, Viking, Settlement, Burial Ground

I decided on a minor detour in favour of paying some attention to my guide book and take in the local sights almost en route. Lindhom Høje was fairly deserted at the late hour I arrived on the eve of midsummer.

Batteri Hanstholm

Denmark, Batteri Hanstholm, German Fortifications, Windswept Landscape

Something was a little odd about the surrounding landscape, looks like something is missing… You might think a few trees would not look amiss. However, it seems that underground fortifications were the way to go.


Auckland, New Zealand

Whilst in this part of the world, took the opportunity of the short trip over to New Zealand. Spent the morning looking through the Voyager Museum, then the afternoon sailing with friends. All in all a pretty great welcome to New Zealand and superb to get the opportunity to catch up with those I have […]