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Turaida Castle

Latvia, Turaida Castle

The light wind forecast suggested that today was one for exploring. So, took a trip out to look over Turaida Castle with the guys from Brazil. From the top of tower was a great view of the surrounding Gauja National Park with the Gauja River winding through. Obscurus Orbis were a touring Latvian Medieval Music […]


Latvia, Riga, Buildings, Clock Tower

There was not so much breeze in the morning which meant plans to go out on the water early were put on hold. Instead, I decided to keep active and take a tour of Riga on the bike. I spent most of the time rattling my way over the winding cobbled streets of the old […]

Tour of Warsaw

Poland, Warsaw, Palace of Culture and Science

Having consulted the trusty tourist guide, returned to the city to take in the sights. First stop was the Royal Castle. The level of decoration was stunning, even the wooden floors in the rooms were incredibly detailed. Went exploring away from the official tour and found a side entrance to the castle. Passed by the […]

Warsaw – Old Town

Poland, Warsaw

Whilst in Poland, decided to take some time away from the coast and explore Warsaw. First stop was a cruise through the Old Town which has been near flawlessly rebuilt after virtually total destruction during the Second World War. On the way into the city, all the cars stopped in the road and many people […]

Hel Peninsula

Poland, Hel Peninsula, Chalupy, Beach, Sunset

First stop in Poland was camping at Chałupy on the Hel Peninsula. This place is popular with both windsurfers and kitesurfers where the water on the gently shelving south shore of the peninsula can get pretty crowded at times. Crossing over the railway line, going through the forest and then hitting the beach on the […]

Borgholm Castle

Sweden, Öland, Borgholm Castle, Borgholms Slott

Whilst on Öland, I spent some time exloring Borgholm Castle and the surrounding grounds. Don’t think this is the main entrance… In the museum, there was a model of the castle as it once would have looked before being destroyed by fire in 1806.

Formula Windsurfing at Gyldendal

Denmark, Gyldendal, Formula Windsurfing, James Briggs, GBR-91, jamesbriggs.me, Point-7, Starboard

I went out Formula Windsurfing at Gyldendal to experience some light onshore wind conditions. With the breakwater there surrounding the harbour, it also provided a great spot for Klaus Nørreggard who wanted to get a little more video footage for a preview piece he is putting together for the YM FW World Championships later in […]