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To Hel and Beyond

Poland, Road, Cobbles, Trees, Fields

I had some fun on the way through Poland as have this habit of making the wrong turn whilst in the country, so missing the main road. Shortly after this shot, I was onto dirt tracks practicing my rally driving skills on the way to Hel. On the way out of Poland and on the […]

YM Allegro Cup

Poland, Formula, Windsurfing, Briefing, Competitors

There were 50 competitors for the Allegro Cup Youth and Masters event where once again, the Hel Peninsula delivered some great conditions for racing. We managed 10 races in total for the event in wind conditions ranging from 8 up to 16 knots. The last day of the formula racing for the masters saw 5 […]

Tour of Warsaw

Poland, Warsaw, Palace of Culture and Science

Having consulted the trusty tourist guide, returned to the city to take in the sights. First stop was the Royal Castle. The level of decoration was stunning, even the wooden floors in the rooms were incredibly detailed. Went exploring away from the official tour and found a side entrance to the castle. Passed by the […]

Warsaw – Old Town

Poland, Warsaw

Whilst in Poland, decided to take some time away from the coast and explore Warsaw. First stop was a cruise through the Old Town which has been near flawlessly rebuilt after virtually total destruction during the Second World War. On the way into the city, all the cars stopped in the road and many people […]

Polish Open – Day Four

Poland, Sopot, Formula, Windsurfing, Prize Giving

Looking to get some more racing in today, the skippers briefing was moved one hour earlier. The fleet was sent out on the water to make the most of the periods where the wind filled in enough to race. Minor course change for the day was announced before we hit the water. There were four […]

Polish Open – Day Three

Poland, Sopot, Formula, Windsurfing, Trees, Equipment

Not so much was going on for the day whilst the light offshore breeze failed to provide suitable conditions for racing. It seemed more inflatable objects just kept appearing on the beach… Lunch was provided whilst we waited which had to be some of the best spicy soup I have had.

Polish Open – Day Two

Poland, Sopot, Formula, Windsurfing, Flags

Things were all pretty still and overcast throughout the day spent onshore observing the flag signals. One thing caught my eye on the table whilst waiting for lunch – have you ever seen a blue flowering cactus before?

Polish Open – Day One

Poland, Sopot, Polish Open, Formula, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Skimboarding, Beach

Today was tricky for both Formula Windsurfing competitors and officials. There was a lot of waiting for the wind to settle and build enough for the Polish Open to take place. The beach was pretty well decked out with entertainments for any spectators in the form of a volley ball pitch, four way trampoline, skim […]


Poland, Rewa, Beach

On the way from the Hel Peninsula to Sopot, stopped off in a small village called Rewa. I had heard that this had a long spit of sand which on one side there was shallow water and on the other deeper water. It had been recommended as a great windsurfing spot, one that was far […]

Allegro Deski Cup – Days Two & Three

Poland, Hel Peninsula, Allegro Deski Cup, Formula, Windsurfing, Award Ceremony, Men

Day two of the Allegro Deski Cup saw three races held in 15-20 knots of breeze with Hubert Mokrzycki continuing to dominate the event although in the final race of the day, Pawel Hlavaty managed to get ahead and break Hubert’s perfect score. For me it was a day of testing after some issues with […]