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GRC Havelet Buoyed

The third race in the Guernsey Rowing Club Championship Series, this involved three laps of Havelet Bay. Neither a sprint nor a marathon, it can be hard to set the right pace. Thankfully, with Joe Paul pushing me the whole way, the pace was set at ‘fast’. I took a new record in 50 minutes […]

GRC Around Alligande

This is the second of the Guernsey Rowing Club Championship Series of races. This race involves rowing around the Little Russel in an anticlockwise direction. It can be fairly tricky to gauge the tidal effect between Alligande and Vivian meaning that it is never quite a straight line course. Even more noticeable this time as […]

Glow Boat Training

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I attempted to take the GoPro out with me on the Glow boat; needs some work in finding the best place for this to go to give the feedback I was looking for. After the training session, managed to capture the sun setting over the marina and town of St Peter Port.

GRC St Sampsons to St Peter Port

The first of the races in the Guernsey Rowing Club calendar is a short sprint along the east coast from one harbour to another. It is a staggered start so until the results are announced, it is impossible to know how you have performed against the others in your class. For me it was a […]

Rowing Boat Construction : Update 3

Rowing, Guernsey, Guernsey Rowing Club, Wedd Osmond, Glow Wellbeing

The boat is now complete with the final finishing touches added being the racing number and sponsor stickers. Glow Wellbeing have helped me over the past couple of years to stay in one piece through body conditioning with Pilates whilst I was competing on the Formula Windsurfing World Circuit alongside aiding in general well being […]

March Marathon

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To mark the clock change to British Summer Time, I hopped onto the Concept2 indoor rowing machine for the last of the longer indoor winter training rows before the on the water season begins.

Rowing Boat Construction : Update 1

Rowing, Guernsey, Guernsey Rowing Club, Wedd Osmond

It looks like I will be spending a good portion of time in Guernsey over this year with only limited travel plans. I have decided to get properly involved with the local rowing scene offered by the Guernsey Rowing Club. Following some lengthy conversations and a number of test runs, Wedd Osmond and the rest […]

The Centurion Charity Row

James Briggs, Rowing, Guernsey, The Centurion Charity Row, MS, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Guernsey Cheshire Homes Society

I completed 100km on the Concept2 in 7 hours and 31 minutes, just one minute outside of the planned schedule I had put together. It was quite a challenge and I had no idea how I would endure through the experience. Feeling pleased about that performance. Thanks go out to the event organisers and support […]

The Centurion Charity Row – Final Countdown

James Briggs, Rowing, Guernsey, The Centurion Charity Row, MS, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Guernsey Cheshire Homes Society

There is now just one week to go until The Centurion Charity Row. Through November I have done over 300km on the Concept2 training for the event, think that’s about as prepared as I am going to be… More information can be found either off the link at the Guernsey Rowing Club or alternatively at […]