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Borgholm Castle

Sweden, Öland, Borgholm Castle, Borgholms Slott

Whilst on Öland, I spent some time exloring Borgholm Castle and the surrounding grounds. Don’t think this is the main entrance… In the museum, there was a model of the castle as it once would have looked before being destroyed by fire in 1806.


Sweden, Haga Park, Öland, Windsurfing

Enjoyed a few days out on the water at Haga Park and a couple of other spots around Öland. Haga Park in particular seemed to be a popular spot with the freestyle crew. Regular thermal breezes and shallow water extending out for a long way made this an ideal spot for freestyle and flat water […]

Unexpected Interest at Kårehamn

Sweden, Kårehamn, Formula, Windsurfing, Formula Windsurfing, Beach, Cattle

The wind rolled into Öland from the north east providing the opportunity to sail at Kårehamn with some of the other Swedish Formula Windsurfers. I sense the spot we were at may have been part of a regular ambling route for the local cattle who seemed quite interested in what we were up to…

Nordic Championships Day Three

Sweden, Halmstad, Nordic Championships, Podium, Overall

The final day of racing at the Nordic Championships saw challenging conditions for both the competitors and the event officials. The morning was spent waiting on the beach for the breeze to build. Groups of other beach users making the most of the superb weekend weather gradually encroached on the area cordoned off for launching. […]

Nordic Championships Day Two

The second day of competition saw some very mixed conditions. Initially, we were greeted by the aftermath of fresh northerly breeze which nudged the coast of Sweden overnight before setting out west leaving behind it some rather damp conditions and a light north east breeze. Soon enough, we were basking in 25 degrees of sunshine […]

Nordic Championships Day One

Sweden, Nordic Championships, Halmstad, GBR-91, James Briggs, jamesbriggs.me, Equipment, Grass, Beach

After registration, it was confirmed that a total of 53 have entered the Nordic Championships. It seemed that virtually every available bit of grass near the beach was filled with windsurfing equipment. After registration was complete, we waited for a short time into the afternoon on the promise of a building breeze in the forecast. […]

Nordic Championships Preview

Beach, Halmstad, Sweden, Parachute

Beautiful sunshine, a very gentle breeze, a sandy beach and people hurling themselves out of perfectly good planes in the name of competition. Judging by their rate of descent, I think the aim was to plummet the fastest and still make it to the right spot on the beach. Crashing scored low points. The scene […]


Sweden, Göteborg, Paddan, Boat, Tree

After a great weekend of wave sailing at Haverdal, the forecast did not look so good for the next few days out on the water. Out came the trusty travel guide and I took a tour around Göteborg instead, having only sped through the city a few days previously. I thought the Paddan boats provided […]


Sweden, Göteborg, Bird, Seagull

As the ferry was closing in on Göteborg, I had my first encounters with ‘The SWEgull’. Overall, seemed much more polite that those back on The Rock as they didn’t try to steal my breakfast! Regardless of these first impressions, it didn’t stop me guarding my food vigilantly. Safeguarding duty complete, looked a little further […]