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Denmark, Skagen, Wildlife, Bird, Harbour, Navigational Marks

I had hoped to go back over to Klitmøller once again after the event had finished in Skive although with light offshore winds forecast, it would not have been such a good spot as last time I visited. Instead, out came the guide book which dragged me off to the northernmost section of Denmark. First […]


Poland, Rewa, Beach

On the way from the Hel Peninsula to Sopot, stopped off in a small village called Rewa. I had heard that this had a long spit of sand which on one side there was shallow water and on the other deeper water. It had been recommended as a great windsurfing spot, one that was far […]

Unexpected Interest at Kårehamn

Sweden, Kårehamn, Formula, Windsurfing, Formula Windsurfing, Beach, Cattle

The wind rolled into Öland from the north east providing the opportunity to sail at Kårehamn with some of the other Swedish Formula Windsurfers. I sense the spot we were at may have been part of a regular ambling route for the local cattle who seemed quite interested in what we were up to…


Sweden, Göteborg, Bird, Seagull

As the ferry was closing in on Göteborg, I had my first encounters with ‘The SWEgull’. Overall, seemed much more polite that those back on The Rock as they didn’t try to steal my breakfast! Regardless of these first impressions, it didn’t stop me guarding my food vigilantly. Safeguarding duty complete, looked a little further […]

Bicycle Sentry

Butterfly, Bicycle

Probably the most dangerous animal I’ve seen in Australia on this trip. It was vigilantly guarding the bicycle and was not going to give it up without good reason. Thankfully, the fact that I opened the garage door and wheeled the bicycle outside seemed reason enough…